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Welcome to Baraka Homeschooling!

There are three main areas we focus on:


Your child will learn how to pronounce and recite the Quran properly, as well as develop strong memorization skills.


Our Arabic program is designed to enable your child to understand the Quran using a traditional approach.

Islamic Studies

This class is very interactive and will give your child firm knowledge of the deen along with character development.

As parents, we know the value of nurturing our children with academic studies, extra curricular activities and the opportunity for them to excel ahead. Likewise, at Baraka Homeschooling we strive to give each child the opportunity to learn Islam in a setting where children learn about their Creator, Allah, and His beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him). At Baraka Homeschooling, we understand the importance of creating an environment where children will enjoy learning about Islam from each other, and in addition learn the value of having a good Muslim character. Our focus is to instill love of the deen in each child's heart.

Food For Thought

Raise your words, not your voice

It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Class Schedule

Aside from learning, the children get ample time to play, socialize and enjoy themselves.

Quran- 10:30 am -11:45 am

Children not only practice memorizing the Quran, but the correct ettiquettes of the Quran and brief tafseer to encourage them and attach their hearts to the book of Allah

Arabic- 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Students will learn usage of the feminine possessive pronoun, plural, prepositions, and simple sentences. Beginner students will learn new vocabulary related to Quran

Islamic Studies- 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

This class is very interactive. Children bulid self-esteem and confidence and learn practical lessons to help them in their lives.

Past Classes

Stories of Prophets

From Adam to Iesa and lessons of Bani Israeel


Lessons from the best of Creation


Unique characteristics from the Chosen One

Prominent Women

Teaching our sisters about female role models and our boys how to honour them

This new age brings unprescedented challenges

What tools are we providing our children? Baraka Homeschooling aims to provide light in a dark world!


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